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Welcome to Victory International Church! We are excited to have one of our pastors, Pastor Emmanuel Ojo, share a powerful message on “The Power of Sacrifice” at Convention Day 5 (Evening Session).Sacrifice is not just about giving something up; it is an act of love and devotion to God. Throughout the sermon, Pastor Emmanuel will explore the significance of sacrifice in our spiritual journey and how it can unlock abundance and blessings in our lives.Here are some key points that will be covered in the sermon:

  • Giving as an expression of love: We give our offerings to show our love and gratitude to God for all He has done for us.
  • Tithing for increased blessings: By faithfully giving our tithes, we position ourselves to receive more from God and experience His abundant provision.
  • Connecting to grace through venison: Venison represents a sacrificial offering that connects us to God’s grace and favor.
  • Advancing the kingdom through kingdom seed: Giving our resources as a kingdom seed contributes to the advancement of God’s kingdom and brings blessings into our lives.

Sacrifice is not limited to a single act; it is a force that can be engaged in various situations. Pastor Emmanuel will discuss when we should tap into the power of sacrifice:

  • To open a new chapter: When we desire a fresh start or a breakthrough in our lives.
  • When under a curse: Sacrifice can break the power of curses and release God’s blessings.
  • In desperate situations: When we find ourselves in challenging circumstances, sacrifice can bring about divine intervention.
  • When facing unusual occurrences: Sacrifice can address abnormal patterns in our lives, such as excessive spending on sickness or a recurring trend of family deaths.
  • When things are going well: Even in times of prosperity, sacrifice keeps us aligned with God’s principles and ensures His continued blessings.

Join us for this transformative sermon as we delve into the power of sacrifice and learn how it can shape our future and bring us closer to God’s abundant provision.Remember, sacrifice is not about loss; it is about sowing seeds for a bountiful harvest. Let’s embrace the power of sacrifice and experience the overflowing blessings that God has in store for us.