Relax God knows what you need

RELAXIt is time, we begin to relax in God’s loving arms. Enough of worries and anxieties over our needs. The God of Israel is the El-Shaddai God. The one who is more than enough for whatever you desire in your heart. God’s ultimate is to get us to a point of rest where we cease from our own works and calculations. The children of Israel had problems with God because they just could not believe God could take care of them. The strange acts of provisions in the wilderness was not enough evidence to prove the ability of God. They kept murmuring until they all perished in the wilderness.

We must get to a point in our faith walk that we are double sure of God’s provision. I want to share some few encounters I personally had on god’s miraculous provision and intervention. This has given me so much confidence and proof that God knows what I need.2 new machines – 1987

On Monday afternoon I told my tailors that we needed more machines to be able to cope with the demand on had. I said it loud casually and by 4pm we closed to go to fellowship.
Later in the night about 10pm, a man walked in to give me a contract to produce 100 pieces of African wears. He paid for everything without seeing any of my previous works.

The following morning, I was off to the market to buy two new machines to cope with the increasing demand. When my tailors resumed the following day, they were shocked. I said it loud yesterday and God fulfilled it the next dayA Red sports Car – 1992
I told God I wanted a red sports car when I got married. In my prayers, I specifically told God I would not discuss my choice with anybody and I didn’t.
When I got married, my husband offered me his company Vokswagon but I said I didn’t want it. He was upset. He said I should continue hopping in buses until the buses tore me into pieces. We laughed over it and that was all.
Six months later, a friend of his called that he wanted top sell some Honda Accord and that he felt it would be a good car to his wife.
He was asked to name a colour. I didn’t know what was going on. My husband said he came home to search my wardrobe to see the commonest colour out of my apparels. It was red and so he called his friend for a red Honda Accord.
I had just finished bathing when he said he had a gift for me outside. I thought it was one of his fast ones he plays on me.
Outside truly was a red sports car. I was in tears. Can God be this accurate? So God heard my flimsy request? How did my husband know what I wanted?