DBN Radio

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DBN RADIO is the official audio channel of Victory International Church Worldwide. It's a 24-Hour internet radio station which brings the word of God into your homes , from LIVE services from the Church to other powerful messages from powerful men of God around the world. Music calms the spirit and here, it's in no short supply with programs like Gospel Arena, African Mix  all geared to make our listeners blessed, regardless of their age brackets.
 We also have inspirational programs like DBN Inspires which is directed towards the inspiring and molding the future leaders in all spheres of life.
These and loads of more glorious programs will keep you well-rounded to ensure you dominate every situation, regardless of where you are.



You can now listen to DBN RADIO on TuneIn radio app on your phones. Simply download the app on Google Play store or iOS App Store .

Then search for DNI RADIO and start enjoying our rich set of soul en-lifting programs...