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The force of love is a powerful force that can bring about great things in our lives. When we use it for overflow, we can experience the blessings of God in abundance.
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CONVENTION DAY 4 (Morning Session)

Preacher: Pastor Mrs. Dolapo Adelakun

During the sermon on Convention Day 4 (Morning Session), Pastor Mrs. Dolapo Adelakun delivered a message on harnessing the force of love for overflow. She commenced by emphasizing that the foremost and paramount commandment is the love of God.

She proceeded to expound that love possesses a dynamic force that can be harnessed to accomplish remarkable feats. When we wholeheartedly love God with our hearts, souls, and minds, we tap into His boundless power and affection. This divine strength empowers us to overcome obstacles, achieve our aspirations, and lead lives of abundance.

Pastor Adelakun also cautioned against fixating our affections on worldly pursuits such as material possessions, sensual desires, or titles, as these may divert our trust from God, leading to eventual disappointment and emptiness.

Instead, she urged us to focus on loving God and others. By adopting this approach, we can experience the overflow of God’s love in our lives, freeing us from the pressures of the world and equipping us with everything we need.

Here are specific ways to channel the force of love for overflow:

  1. Spend Time with God: By investing more time in our relationship with God, we naturally deepen our love for Him. This can be achieved through reading the Bible, prayer, and worship.
  2. Give to God: Demonstrating our love for God involves acts such as tithing, offering contributions, and extending assistance to those in need.
  3. Love Others: Expressing love to others enables us to share God’s love. Simple acts of kindness, compassion, and forgiveness embody this form of love.
  4. Serve Others: Prioritizing the needs of others over our own is a tangible expression of our love for both God and humanity.

The force of love holds a profound potential, ushering blessings of abundance when unleashed for overflow.

Pastor Mrs. Dolapo Adelakun shared these additional insights:

  1. Explore Ephesians: Dive into this book in the Bible to gain a comprehensive understanding of God’s unwavering love. Ephesians is replete with passages highlighting God’s unconditional love and His desire to shower us with abundant blessings.
  2. Boldly Display Your Love: Overcome societal reservations and boldly exhibit your love for God through praising Him, praying to Him, and worshiping Him.
  3. Persevere in Love: Despite past hurts or disappointments, persist in experiencing and sharing God’s enduring love in your life.