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God commissioned this ministry to go all over the world. And we pray that the teaching of God's word through articles, personal testimonies, Bible Study notes and many other resource materials we present here, will bless and change your life.

Bishop & Pastor Mrs Adelakun

We moved to a rented space that could sit about 150 people in 1990. The space became too small by 1992 resulting in our having to run 2 services on Sunday mornings.Ours is a case of the mustard seed.This ministry started in a Nursery School at Onireke, G.R.A, Ibadan, Nigeria with five people including 2 children in the year 1989. By July 1992, we procured our first plot of land and started the construction of a 300 seater auditorium but due to the numerical explosion the church experienced, we had to buy the adjacent plot and constructed a shed for the purpose of worship.

The shed could sit about 1,000 people. Due to further expansion, in 1994 we bought 2 acres of land and later moved to the present 4.5 acres of land as a result of persecution from the residents around the first piece of land.

In March, 1996 God led us to church planting in major cities around the nation.To date we have planted 16 churches in 14 states capitals, 2 in Holland:
We are persuaded of taking over the nations of the world. You can join this train. We are success bound for the Lord is on our side